What I Do For You

As your seller’s agent, I do more than just list and show your property.  Bringing a real estate transaction to the closing table is a complex process that requires strong business skills and powers of persuasion.  I excel at managing this process, and I effectively work with all parties to get to closing!  Here are the services I offer my selling clients:
  1. Develop a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).   To determine your property’s fair market value, I will research and analyze comparable sales in the area, property condition, improvements, market conditions, seasonality, and competition, and present to you a comprehensive market analysis.

  2. Recommend a realistic pricing strategy.  My goal is to help you sell your property while it is still a “fresh” listing, and get as close to list price as possible.  Using the CMA, you and I will set a sensible listing price.

  3. Perform a detailed inspection of the property.  Your property should not go on the market until it shows at its best.  After we jointly inspect the property, I will recommend any improvements, changes, or repairs that may be needed before listing. In addition, I will make suggestions for “staging” the property, such as de-cluttering, furniture arrangement, cleaning, landscaping, and other tips.

  4. Prepare a customized marketing plan.  A custom plan addresses the specific nature of your property and current market conditions. I will recommend the appropriate amount of advertising, Internet marketing, open houses, and agent networking that best gets your property in front of potential buyers.  (More under “Custom Marketing Plan” tab).

  5. Write up a listing contract.  It is important that you, as a seller, and I as your agent, comply with you with all state disclosures and laws.  I will work with you to develop and understand a listing contract that is clear and fair for both of us.  We will also discuss expectations.

  6. Arrange showings.  I don’t believe in the wholesale use of lockboxes.  I differentiate myself from many other agents because I am personally present at as many showings as possible.  By being present, I can effectively sell your property to prospective buyers and then provide you immediate feedback on the showing.

  7. Procure purchase offers.  I aggressively follow up with prospective buyers or their agents to address any objections they may have, ensure the buyer’s are pre-qualified, and push for an offer.  I work to generate multiple offers whenever possible, and ensure that back-up offers are available in the event of a failed deal.

  8. Negotiate the contract.  I provide whatever guidance you require throughout the contract negotiation process.  As your agent, I am your “mouthpiece” to the buyers, through their buyer’s agent.  It is my job to persuade the buyer’s agent on the merits of your counteroffer so that they in turn can convince the buyer. 

  9. Manage the contract.  There are many steps between contract acceptance and closing.  I work to quickly secure release of any contingencies and obtain the proper paperwork in the time frames dictated by the contract.  Many contracts don’t close due to missed deadlines, miscommunication, and mismanagement.  My job is to maintain contact with the buyer’s agent, mortgage officers and lawyers to be sure the deal closes, and to keep you informed along the way.

  10. Attend closing.  Most agents do not feel it is necessary to be present at the closing, but I do.  By being present, I can answer questions, help resolve unexpected problems, and report back to you on any issues.  I like to see a transaction through to completion, and it’s true in real estate that “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over!”
Andrew "Andy" Burke
NYS Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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