Why Hire Andy?

Why hire Andy as your Buyer’s Agent?
Buying a home can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why there are experts, like me, who are educated, trained, and licensed to broker real estate transactions. As a full time agent, this is what I do all day.  I am constantly learning from every new situation in order to bring you the best representation.
These are the services I provide to you as a BUYER’S AGENT:
  • Confidential consultation. As your buyer’s agent let me protect your negotiating position by holding in confidence any information that you share regarding your personal and financial situation. You lose this confidentiality if you work directly with a listing agent, who works for the seller, not you.
  • Mortgage pre-qualification. I will work with you to obtain a letter of pre-qualification or pre-approval so that we can begin the home search.
  • Comprehensive home search. Using the powerful Multiple Listing Service (MLS), I will create a search program based on your ideal home criteria that identifies all suitable properties on the market.
  • Alert you to new listings. Our state-of-the-art technology will notify you immediately of any fresh listings. And as a member of RE/MAX Realty Group, Rochester’s top real estate office, I have immediate access to a large selection of hot new in-office listings, and can arrange for you to quickly view them.
  • Arrange local tours and set up appointments.  I do the work for you.  I will work with you and your busy schedule to arrange showings of the properties you select.
  • Recommend service providers.  Over my years of experience, I have worked with many lawyers, mortgage bankers and brokers, home inspectors, and contractors, and am happy to recommend service providers to meet your needs.
  • Develop Comparable Market Analysis (CMA).  Once we find the property that’s right for you, I will help you determine a fair value based on comparable sales and other factors. Seller’s agents are not obligated to provide this service for you.
  • Write a purchase offer.  The many complex forms and disclosures required by law can be overwhelming. I will prepare them properly and ensure that proper disclosure has been provided to you by the seller and seller’s agent.
  • Present purchase offer.  As your agent, I will personally present your offer to the sellers and their agent, “selling” you as the perfect buyer for their property.  I will obtain counteroffers, if necessary, and counsel you on the best response.
  • Negotiate final terms.  I will work with you to finalize terms and conditions for your purchase, helping you with decision criteria and providing an objective perspective.
  • Release contingencies.   It is very important that contingencies are released in a timely fashion, and I will ensure this and provide the required information to attorneys on both sides.
  • Coordinate with attorneys, your bank and the seller’s agent.  Many details can go overlooked between final contract and closing, resulting in a delayed closing or a dead deal. I will work with all parties to ensure that this does not happen.
  • Attend closing. While few REALTORS® feel this is necessary, I do. While I am not your lawyer or banker, often I can answer questions or resolve issues that might surface unexpectedly
  • Post-closing services. After you move in, you may have questions or needs. I will remain of service to be sure you settle in smoothly. And I’ll stay in touch with you over the years to help you with any real estate needs or to find you the next home!
Learn more about the benefits of using Andy as a buyer’s agent here.

Andrew "Andy" Burke
NYS Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Cell: 585-737-9902
Mobile Phone: 585-737-9902
40A Grove St
Pittsford, NY 14534
Office: 585-248-0250